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Commercial Contracts

Services cover San Antonio and within the State of Texas

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    Any commercial job is $30 per hour ( 2 hour minimum ).

    Some recent contracts are listed
        • Lowe's Home Improvement
        • Compass Accessories
        • Allstate Insurance
        • Rome's Pizza
        • Sears

    Basically these are IT contracts for commercial businesses. More than usual, are short term but have lasted 6 months on certain projects. I'm able to travel to nearby cities at 55 cents a mile from my home.

    Some IT Services Listed
        • Repair RJ-45 connections
        • Clean up tangled wire messes
        • Routers, Switches, Sonic Firewalls
        • Configure VPN's
        • Wireless Configurations
        • Impact Printers
        • Troubleshoot VOIP Network connections
        • Etc...

    fiber optic switch Downtown San Antonio Building Server Room   
    i18n Fiber Optic Switch Not Responding
    Service Call on Sept. 2, 2013

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    Services cover San Antonio and within the State of Texas

    Credit Card, Check, Cash and PayPal payments accepted upon receipt and please clarify if Net 30 ,45, etc. .